Electrical Engineers & Manufacturers

Major Customers

The major customer of our units, have been M/s Crompton Greaves Ltd., Ceiling Fan Division, Mumbai, and M/s Goa Electricals & Fans Ltd., Goa, a 100% Export oriented unit who regularly purchased from us, Fan Regulator Chokes required for their Decorative range of Fans and Export Fans.

The units have been producing around 2 Lakh of Regulator chokes per annum. The units also manufactured Mains Transformers required for television sets of PHILIPHS make, and supplied to their co-producers.

From the year 1996, Electro Tech & Electro Services have been associated with M/s SIEMENS Ltd., Medical Engineering Division, Goa works, for the supply of Control Transformers and High tension transformers for their Sonography and X-Ray machines, some of which were import substitutes. The units successfully met the expectation of M/s SIEMENS Ltd.